In the Survival Plant Database sub menus, you’ll find a plethora of edible and useful plants.  They are mostly perennial tropical and sub tropical species.  One reason I love living in Central America is the fact that many edible plants grow all year round.  Our goal is to minimize input and maximize output.  Storage, winter planning, and replanting are much less of an issue in the tropics if you’re using the right species of plants.  This is why I’ve found warm climates to be the wisest areas to build a survival garden.

Many humans get used to their western “food norms” like broccoli, lettuce, carrots and white potatoes, however there a wide world of food waiting to be discovered!  Imagine having a garden that continued to produce food for years on end without planting, replanting, tilling etc.  This is optimized gardening!  Check out the plants in the survival plant database and take a step toward self sufficiency.

Perennial Vegetables

Medicinal Herbs, Culinary Herbs, and Teas

Utility Plants