We’ll add entries asap. This section of the Survival Plant Database features medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and teas. While these plants usually don’t offer much in the way of calories, protein, or nutrition, they have other health and medicinal benefits. They also add flavor to your cooking! You may want to use them in a supplemental form by using empty capsules to make your own herbal remedies. Take a look at the unique benefits of each one and make a plan to include them in your survival garden.

Oreganos, Basils, Rosemary, turmeric, thyme, mother of herbs, patchouli, lemon balm and many others coming soon. Make contact if you have any tropical medicinal or culinary herbs you’d like me to feature.

Juanilama Tea



Cymbopogon, Lemon Grass

Vietnamese Cilantro/Coriander

Vietnamese Cilantro or Corriander


Basil growing in aquaponics

Next…. Aztec Sweet Leaf (Lippia Dulce)

Medicinal Herb Claims

Many medicinal herbs offer anti microbial, anti fungal, cardiovascular, respiratory, pain relief and other beneficial medical properties. There is a dark side of the equation though. Sometimes herbs and plants are advertised as a ‘cure all'(snake oil?). It’s important to be skeptical and investigate claims about a specific medicinal herb. Some claims may be based on the experience of only a few people. Other claims may be from centuries old tradition. However, an anecdotal story and/or the age of a medicinal tradition are not good reasons(by themselves) to accept a claim as true. You could try out a pain relief solution like Private label cbd to see if it works for you – your testimony of its effectiveness could eventually be added to the many others that are out there on the internet.

Regardless on how much you want an herbal claim to be true and hate “big pharma”, Monsanto, GMO products and the FDA…….don’t throw your skeptical scientific brain away! Unfortunately, in this age of social media and Facebook, many people tend to make health conclusions based on emotions or popularity.

Most of the time, it can’t hurt to test them out, but please do a little research before putting full reliance on any medicine.