Perennial vegetables have a several advantages to the home gardener.

  1. They don’t have to be replanted each season.
  2. Perennials usually withstand harsh climates and weather better than annuals.
  3. They tend to be higher in nutrition than most vegetables.
  4. Perennials often offer more than a single product for the table. For example, sweet potato provides us with delicious roots, but also offers a nutritious green vegetable.  Moringa offers both edible leaves and pods.

Overall, perennial vegetables require less work and offer more benefit.  This is especially true in warm climates. Minimize input….maximize output!

Below are collection of Perennial Vegetables and survival crops that we’ve been successful with in the harsh tropical climate of Northwest Costa Rica(Guanacaste) and in south Florida.

 Perennial vegetables


Moringa Tree Costa Rica


Katuk Costa Rica

Sissoo Spinach – Brazil Spinach

Sisoo Spinach

Banano Cuadrado

Ripe Cuadrado Plantain

  Red Malabar Spinach – Climbing Spinach

Red malabar vine spinach

 Pigeon Pea -Frijole De Palo

Tree beans

Yuca – Cassava

Young Yuca Plant

Winged Beans

winged bean costa rica

 Camotes – Sweet Potatoes

pile of harvested camotes

 Chaya – Tree Spinach

Chaya - Cnidoscolus aconitifolius is a chaya variety that has 5 pointed leaves. Sometime called estrella or star chaya


picture of tasty edible dandelions

More survival plant profiles coming soon…………………

Green Malabar Spinach

Okinawa Spinach



Cranberry Hibiscus/False Roselle

Hibiscus Cannabinus/Kenaf

Gotu Kola/Pennywort