Costa Rica Aquaponic System Update VIDEO

We just cleaned up the Aquaponic grow beds and replanted everything this December.  In addition, we redesigned the sediment filter systems and added in a black landscaping fabric floor.  This made everything feel much cleaner. (And made being barefoot more fun)

This is an outdoor, tilapia based aquaponics system growing in a tropical Costa Rica climate.  It’s located in Northwest Guanacaste where there are 6 months of dry season and 6 months of wet season. 

This system has been running strong for about 5 years now, but due to it’s exposure to the elements it’s been challenging.  Our sediment issues have been solved with our new ‘reverse filter’ system.  Our biggest struggle has been high pH.   This is partially due to the high calcium 8.0 pH well water, but I think it’s also due to insufficient/irregular feeding and sun exposure on the fish tanks.   We have some issues with the humidity during the rainy season and if the auto siphons aren’t set low enough, the top of the grow media will stay wet and grow moss/scum on top.   

It’s 100% custom setup and it’s been a constant evolution.   I’m proud to say, that while we have some issues, it’s been an incredibly resilient.   My 10 year old is now tasked with feeding when I’m traveling so this should eliminate some of the feeding irregularities.  The food is not only important for healthy growing fish, but also for acidifying the water.   When the fish create waste, it’s acidic and counteracts the 8.0 pH well water.   

We’re currently growing mint, turmeric, Okinawa spinach, Sissoo spinach, hot peppers, mini sweet peppers, Malabar spinach, papaya, cranberry hibiscus, garlic chives and celery.