I’ve used a TON of pumps for aquaponics systems including Danner, Pondmasters and Little Giant.  I’ve also burned out far too many than I’d like to admit to my pocketbook.  This odd brand from Amazon, “Jebao” has been the best so far.  For a Constant Height One Pump(CHOP) system it runs continuously.  They’re also DC pumps so they use less electricity, are brushless and are more durable for constant running applications. I have been using this Jebao DC pump now for over 2 years JEBAO 12000  No issues, but I wanted to get more water circulation.  I just upgraded to this one JEBAO 18000 which has a max flow rate of 4755gph and 30ft head!  

JEBAO 18000 Stats:

  • High performance motor with innovation electronics, and energy saving up to 50% than old model
  • No copper components, safety on your tank internal use only
  • Super quiet operation and memory function for power supply off to recall memory
  • Power: DC 24v 130-watt 110-120v 60hz, max flow: 4755gph, max head: 30ft.
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