I was in the garden center at Home Depot yesterday and an olde woman felt the need to remind me that I needed to be careful when buying seeds for my garden veggies.  “You should only buy seed packs labeled “Non-GMO” or “Organic” because the seed companies are all owned by Monsanto and most seeds these days are genetically modified”.   I appreciate her caring enough to stop me, but it’s unfortunate that she’s just recycling misinformation about GMO seeds and produce.

Is it even possible to buy genetically modified vegetable seeds in your local Walmart/Home Depot/Lowes/Garden Center?


If you disagree, please go and try to buy some genetically modified vegetable seeds today.

Why are they labeling them as “non GMO seeds”?

Non GMO seed labeling is just a marketing tactic to sell more vegetable seeds to the fearful and ignorant.  Seed companies are totally aware that GMO seeds are not available to them or from their competitors.  They are also aware of consumer trends and that the mere mention of “we only sell GMO-free seeds” puts them into a sub-market where this type of claims can increase sales.  This is just on the verge of lying, but not quite.   Their labels imply something is true that isn’t.

SeedsNow, a reputable vegetable seed retailer has “NO-Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO-FREE)” plastered across their home page. It’s incredibly ironic.  They couldn’t sell GMO seeds if they wanted to!  Another reputable online seed retailer, High Mowing Seeds.  They’re selling Non GMO seeds for basil.  GMO basil doesn’t even exist.

More Inaccurate GMO Propaganda

Gmo chart showing which vegetables and fruits are GMO by their number code
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Funny……there’s no GMO brocolli on the market.

Enjoy your “hormone-free” chicken, “gluten-free” water and “pesticide-free” Himalayan salt too.  It’s getting thick out there.  Stay skeptical folks!

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