Turmeric and Ginger Juice Removes Toxins From Lungs

Here’s another ‘winner’ from the bowels of Facebook’s growing detox, cleanse, juicing crowd.

This amazing drink supposedly cleanses and detoxes the lungs of smokers.  Over 1500 Facebookers liked this post and 3000 people shared it. I can’t imagine what the actual view count is, but, I’m sure that thousands of people will believe this, prepare it and drink it.

Quote from the article:  I know this makes me captain obvious, but the best thing that smokers can do it quit! However, if you not willing to try, then you can at lease do things that would be beneficial for your lungs…like a cleanse.  This juice will do just that… cleanse your lungs I mean. The turmeric has antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer properties. The ginger root promotes healthy respiratory health by eliminating air pollutants, tobacco smoke, and perfumes out of the air passages before they have time to irritate the lungs. All the ingredients in the recipe benefit the lungs and help to cleanse the toxins from them.

Turmeric and ginger do have positive qualities, but this doesn’t warrant exaggeration or devising new biological phenomena.  Does ginger remove pollutants, smoke and perfumes from the air before it reaches our lungs? Not according to any science I’m aware of.

The article also claims, “All of the ingredients in the recipe remove toxins from the lungs”?  According to who?   Do the authors of this garbage even care about science?   This is one of the many posts I’ve found that don’t bother to put any source, studies or evidence behind their extraordinary claims.  Also, this same site recently published another recipe using corn, grapefruit juice and carrot juice that will supposedly detox lungs of smokers.   Please stop sharing this junk and be skeptical any time you see the word “toxin” in a health claim.

Disclaimer: I am a shill for big pharma, Monsanto, the FDA and Satan.  They pay me a nice monthly check writing things in support of science and critical thinking.