Pallet gardens are a fun and efficient way to expand your garden.  If you’ve always wanted to do a raised bed but were constrained by space or cost, build a pallet garden!  They’re incredibly simple and a great way to repurpose industrial trash.

Do you have a tiny or nonexistent budget, but want to start a green project at a school or youth organization?  A pallet garden is a great way to get youth involved from start to finish.  Each student can build and manage their own pallet garden and plant a nice variety of veggies.  Pallet gardens can be built with budget of 0-$20 depending materials. It may also be good to invest in a shed where there are sheds for sale at places like Lone Star Structures, to store your materials away safely so that you can continue to garden over a large number of years. Get as creative as you want!  Below is a basic design that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to complete.

Pallet Garden Supplies List:

  • One pallet (Find one that has HT stamped on it. HT = “Heat Treated”.  Do not use pallets marked “MB” or “Methyl Bromide”.  For more info on IPPC safety stamps Click Here.)
  • landscaping fabric or similar material(grain bags, old curtains?)
  • staple gun or tack nails
  • Hay, leaves, cardboard, organic material
  • Dirt
  • Seeds or starter plants


Step 1 – Seal it up

The sides of the pallet need to be sealed up so the can hold dirt.  Take your landscaping fabric and tack it up to the sides.  Don’t be stingy your staples.   If you have another junk pallet, you can take it apart and use wood to seal the sides instead.

Step 2 – Base Layer of Organic Material

Make 1-2 inch layer of leaves, hay, cardboard, organic material on the bottom.    Throw a little compost in too if available.  (This base layer will break down over time releasing nutrients into the soil)

Step 3 – Fill it with dirt

Do not fill with rocks, Gi-Joes, pants or old dvd cases.  Fill to the top with good black dirt.

Step 4 – Plant

Depending on conditions, you may be able to start seeds directly.  Otherwise, use starts.  Enjoy your garden!

 Comments?  Questions?

When completed, your garden should look something like this.

This pallet fortress is a design by