Alright northerners…….this post is for you. Aye?

If you’ve always wanted to build a greenhouse and have a few hundred bucks to spare, it’s a great way to spend a weekend. Depending on your location, a greenhouse can extend your growing season a few months to year round. In the videos, Paul Simon from explains how to build a greenhouse 14’x20′. (You may also remember his hit song Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard.)

This greenhouse is about 300sqft and large enough to get all of your starts going when it’s still a bit chilly. You can go smaller or bigger with it; just be aware that wind can wreak havoc on these PVC designs. 2 task organized people can complete this project with in one full day. Building a greenhouse takes a lot of time and the right equipment, whether or are making a small or large greenhouse, a shrink wrap gun might be what you’re looking for to help with your building.

The materials buy list is at the bottom of the post.

Build a Greenhouse Frame with PVC Tubing

Constructing the Base Frame and Supports

Installing the Polyethylene Sheeting on the Greenhouse

Click Here to Download the Materials Buy List

Check out’s other videos. I Another great resource for the toolbox.