Here’s the “Banano Cuadrado”, as it’s commonly known in Costa Rica. This tasty friend is a squarish shaped banana that’s also known as the “Guineo Cuadrado”.  It can be used much like a Plantain.  (Cuadrado means “square” in English)

We just did a little video to show how we harvest them and cut them down.  That’s Jodi wielding the machete.

This variety is featured in the survival plant database due to its tolerance to wind, heat and drought as well as its nutritive qualities and stellar production.  If any crop could help us weather through a disaster or food crisis, it’s this amazing variety of banana.  We eat them on a daily basis by cooking them green or letting them ripen to sweetness.  They rarely last long once ripe and yellow.  Our boys attack them like crazed monsters.  The green cuadrados make an amazing dished pureed with celery, onions salt, butter and garlic.  We use them to make Patacones and they’re simple to slice up and fry with your morning eggs.  (I suggest using pig fat or coconut oil)

Read up on them and the other interesting perennial vegetables we’ve written about. If you live in the tropics, get’em planted!