Moringa Oleifera

There are a lot of amazing claims about the moringa tree.  From fighting cancer and fending off malnutrition, to purifying water and preventing infection, it’s almost too good to be true. Many sites calling it the “miracle tree” or the “tree of life”.  Just type in “moringa cures” into a search engine and you’ll see hundreds of disease cure and prevention claims.  While I think some medicinal claims may be unfounded, the overall value of the moringa oleifera tree would be difficult to discredit. It’s an amazing plant.

Too Good to Be True?

When something on the internet seems “too good to be true” my skeptic radar goes on alert.  To clear the air, I’ve taken a look at the nutritional data along with various studies and found moringa oleifera to have excellent nutritional value, high protein per gram and a useful tool for fighting malnutrition in tropical/subtropical climates.   In addition, Moringa leaves contain all essential amino acids.  This is rare for a plant source.  In the plant world, it may be the most nutritious plant ‘gram for gram’.  We’ve also tested it ourselves, grow it on the property, and eat it on a daily basis.   Does it cure everything under the sun?  No.  Is it a nutritious part of a healthy diet that can prevent future health problems?  Yes.

You can check some of the information sources in its Survival Plant Database Entry.

Benefits of Moringa Oliefera

You Need Moringa Oleifera in Your Survival Garden

From a survival/prepper perspective this plant is a significant source of vitamins and proteins.  In the same breath, it’s perennial, drought resistant and can flourish in horrible soil.  If you’re a person interested in becoming less dependent on the supermarket, I suggest adding this to food garden immediately.  We have over 50 moringa oleifera trees growing on the property now.  I’m hoping in the next year or so we’ll have more moringa than we know what to do with.  It’s a constant source of nutrition for our family!

I’ve added a “moringa oleifera” entry in the Survival Plant Database and you’ll find a lot more information, links and studies on this amazing crop.

Below is a quick discovery channel documentary on Moringa.

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