Dervaes Family – Urban Homesteading

Devaes Urban Homesteading

Since the mid 80’s the Dervaes family has transformed their small city lot into the sustainable and self-sufficient Urban Homestead project.  On just 1/10 of an acre they supply enough vegetables for themselves as well as a local produce business.  They’ve really set the standard on what possible in an urban…

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How Labels On Chicken Meat Are Intentionally Deceptive

Take a look at the chicken labels next time you go shopping. As someone who raises their own, this new trend is getting pretty annoying. Top 4 Myths About Mass Produced Chicken Debunked 1. There are NO HORMONES OR STEROIDS approved by the USDA for use in any meat poultry.…

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Our Tropical Chicken House Design

The chickens have been the best addition to our sustainable food system yet.  We have 25 Rhode Island Reds and they produce around 20 eggs per day. They have an amazing ability to convert kitchen waste into eggs.  We feed them corn, larvae, water hyacinth and cuttings from the garden.…

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