What is Permaculture? – Principles and Ethics

Gardening, by itself, is good for everyone and for the earth.  But there are ways you can make your garden work even harder and smarter than it already is: permaculture.

Permaculture is the idea that every element involved in your care of your landscape should be considered. That includes the people, the air, and the earth—not just the plants. Considering all those elements helps to improve the health of the whole ecosystem, not just your garden. Practicing permaculture isn’t as hard as it might initially sound.

For starters, think about your yard in zones. The zone closest to you–say, a kitchen garden—would be filled with plants that need the most attention from you. Next, you have to carefully consider the crops you plant, why you plant them, and how rotating them can benefit the soil. Luckily, you’re probably already practicing some principles of permaculture—but you can do more. Use this graphic to learn how.

Permaculture garden
Source: Fix.com Blog



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